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Free Printable Downloads
4 Page AR Reading Plan PDF Download - Typically 2nd - 4th Grade
Printing Instructions:
Print double sided and fold.
Printing Instructions:
Designed to use half a letter sized (8.5x11) page for a small binder with extra space on the left for hole punching.  The note on the right is taped onto the inside cover of the binder. (For teacher introduction.  Don't print if parent introduction) Cut paper in half and feed 8.5x5.5 through printer. (Copies don't look as nice) Print multiples of page 1.  You can do a month at a time, and remove pages at the end of each month to put into the IEP file.  Leave back blank for notes.  Can also add on the spot data and observations, parent notes, reminders, etc.
AR Reading Plan
Preschool Home/School Communication Form
1 Page Home/School Communication Form PDF Download - Typically Preschool
1 Page Home/School Communication Introduction by teacher letter example PDF Download - Typically Preschool
Silly Touch Numbers JPG Download - Touch Math with character
Beginning adding and subtracting
Printing Instructions:
Letter example you can modify to fit your home school communication plan.
Website Directory - Quick Links

Using music and video to teach the silent e concept.
Free "Strangers and Other People" Social Story(TM) Printable Download
Instructions for Printing:
Social Story is 42 half pages
Materials: 21 sheets of paper, printer, comb binder, or heavy duty staples.
Print, cut each page in half, arrange by page number, bind on left side.
Free "Monthly Homework Planner"  Printable Download
Instructions for Printing:
Materials: paper, printer.
Print one for each month.

This planner gives a visual snapshot of the entire month. Similar to the weekly planners teachers distribute, but includes the full month.
Useful for single classroom grades up to fifth, or sixth grade and prior to middle school.