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The Time Timer is still my favorite visual timer.  The "Plus" is the latest model, but might have some quality issues. I use the original 8" version and have never had any issues with it.  Purchase through Amazon or Lakeshore.

There is also a Time Timer App.
Latest Model                       Original
Visual Schedules are not new to the classroom, but when you have a student whose schedule differs from other students, a separate schedule should be used.  If the student is not reading yet, include pictures to depict the activity.  If the student is reading, a list may be all that is needed.  

Put one together and see what works and what doesn't.  Each student will respond and understand differently.  You will find a lot of ideas on the internet and preprinted schedules are available to purchase.  

I suggest steering clear of "special" terms - terms not used by other students, such as, "Sensory Break".  "Break" should be sufficient.  

If more detail is needed, "Break with (person's name)"  The fewer "differentiating" or "special" terms, the better.  We know what the terms mean, but most people don't.
Pre-printed and available through Lakeshore
Pre-printed and available through 
Barns & Noble.
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"Now" Communication

"If you don't have it, you can't use it." 

Be prepared by always having the most commonly used instructions and comment cards with you.  You could use a smock with pockets to hold them, or something like the flip cards you see here.

These are attached to a pull chord and can be clipped to clothing. This one is color coded, double sided and laminated.  borders for quick memorization.  Instantly flip to the communication you want without having to flip through a lot of cards until you land on the one you want.